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NTTC's Zero Distractions™ Campaign

When you drive distracted, 

we are ALL impacted!

About the Campaign

Our Industry Knows About Safe Driving

A truck driver's office is the highway, so our industry has a vested interest in eliminating distracted driving. Federal laws already prohibit truck drivers from texting while driving, and most companies will terminate employees who are caught in violation of this regulation. The trucking world knows the dangers on the road, and we've taken steps to fight against them. But the NTTC doesn't think that's enough.  

We want to end distracted driving in ALL vehicles.

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A Champion Driver with Zero Distractions


NTTC's 2016-2017 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year, Todd Stine of Carbon Express, Inc., knows all about safety - he's driven over 1.6 million miles without an accident. Todd dedicated his term as PTTDOY to ending distracted driving, and with the help of NTTC's Safety and Security Council the Zero Distractions™  Campaign was born. 

Now we need YOU to help us launch it nationwide!

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