Zero Distractions™: A Campaign is Born


Todd Stine of Carbon Express, Inc.: NTTC's 2016-2017 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year

With over 1.6 million accident-free miles, Todd was selected as National Tank Truck Carriers’ 2016-2017 Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year Grand Champion. The award is part of a prestigious safety contest hosted by NTTC each year. Drivers from all over North America submit their safe driving records in a bid for the highly-coveted title "Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year" - but only ONE can become the Grand Champion. 


Ending Distracted Driving: A Legacy of Safety

From the very beginning, Todd was determined to use his influence and the publicity surrounding his term as Professional Tank Truck Driver of the Year to combat distracted driving. During every speaking engagement, Todd would discuss his experience during the days, weeks, months, and years he's spent on the road - more and more drivers are distracted behind the wheel. Todd wanted to do something - and thanks to his dedication, the idea for a national campaign was born.


The Zero Distractions™ Campaign: When You Drive Distracted, We Are All Impacted!

Todd's passion has been an inspiration to everyone around him, and his mission to end distracted driving was proudly adopted by NTTC's Safety & Security Council. The Council's 2017-2018 Regional Chairs diligently pursued a solution to this deadly epidemic, and the NTTC is indebted to their efforts: Dave Edmondson of J & M Tank Lines, Terry Kolacki of Superior Carriers, Lance Hagler of Trimac Transportation, and Amy Kruntovski of Gorski Bulk Transport.  In particular, 2017-2018 Chairwoman Candi Coate of K-Limited Carrier, Ltd. embraced Todd's cause and worked tirelessly to create the Zero Distractions™ Campaign.